I need your help! Kawaiiland NY is next week and I am almost done with selling the tickets I need to sell in order to secure my table… but I’m not sure if I’m going to make it by the due date.

I need 11 more tickets sold in order to secure my spot.

You do not have to go to the event if this is not your scene (cute stuff and such) but I do need the support. If you buy a ticket through Amby’s Art Blog, then I will give/send all ticket buyers a FREE ART PRINT.

So please please please, help D:!

Sir Jelly~

Toothless says HI!

Hipster Bunny.

I had done a design for this… I think about a year ago. I wanted to revisit it a bit ^^

Also will be on sale as a print @ Kawaiiland NYC, which will be held at Stage 48 on July 28th!

I need 12 more tickets in order to secure my spot. I am so close!

Buy tickets here~

Mirai - Beyond the Boundary FanArt

Another print that will show up at my table during KawaiiLand NYC

Make sure you buy a ticket from me if you want to get a FREE print from my on July 25th 2014!

Buttercup! Yay!! ^^

The Second Bookmark is done and next, and last, is Blossom ^^~

Cool #alpaca is cool :3

Drawing this made me giggle~

My cute this for KawaiiLand NY. This will be a 5.5 x 4.25 print that will be available at my table~

Make sure to buy your ticket for event. Even if you don’t go… or even if you aren’t in NYC, you will get a free art print! Come Wednesday, I should have all the print selections up and ready for your choosing and I will put it aside for you. This will be one of them ^^~

Support me and help me get that table! : D

PPG Teenage Bubbles!

I had fun doing this one ^^
I have her a very bohemian, “peace & love” look.
This is another bookmark that will be for sale at my table @ Kawaiiland NY ^^

Blossom and Buttercup are coming up next. Stay tuned ^^~

I want this shirt…

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Update! (July 10th)

Yay! Just finished the Kawaii Girl this morning, now it is onto the PPG Bookmark series. I may also do a print for them as well; kill two birds with one stone~

Stay tuned!

Awwwww yeah, 3 bookmarks down, one more to go in the series :3 (The Kawaii Girl)
After that, on to the next series!!
It’s will either be PPG (Powerpuff Girls Grown Up) and/or RWBY girls~ (Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang)
These bookmarks will be for sale @ Kawaiiland NY on July 25th 2014 at Stage 48!
If you guys purchase a ticket through this link (——>LINK!) you will get a FREE Art Print of your choosing when you show your ticket receipt at my table ^_^

These bookmarks, after the event, will be on sale @ my Etsy Store after the event so check that out as well~